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The Role of Justice in Reconciliation in Bosnia…

Maruša Rosulnik Ljubljana, August 2008 Introduction An end of a conflict is a beginning of a new path leading to peace and reconciliation. One of the means employed on the road...

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Hierarchy and canonization of memory

Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformationLecturer: Orli Fridman Hierarchy and Canonization of Memory: Adaptation of Historiography to Socio-political Identity Construction Course participant: Jasmina Gavrankapetanović-Redžić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina In...

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The Peace Academy Foundation's (PAF) projects and activities all aim to create a continous culture of peace, support peacebuilding practicioners in their everyday work and provide them and wider society with valuable recources about peacebuilding literature and educational programs. 

PAF's Board of Directors together with the staff works on creating new and innovative programs and activities which can benefit peacebuilding practitioners and the wider society within the former Yugoslavia.