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Peace Academy Reflection

Tory Tevis I would like to begin my reflection on the Sarajevo Peace Academy by first stating how difficult it was to settle on a topic to write about.  All the...

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What is the Truth? Thoughts on the…

[1] Martina Topic[2] Introduction What is the Truth? Normally, people do not ask too many questions about this because there is always something perceived as a generally or personally accepted truth. For example, the...

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Ubleha za idiote

Goal (midterm)

Ubleha resembling real life although as unachievable as the longterm goal (See).  It originates from submetafictional neorealism in literature.


Goal (longterm)

The hollowest story that needs to be fobbed off to the donor; a total ubleha (See). And, in order to keep it all fair, one points out that the goal is unachievable, although it is obvious.



Ubleha (See) swallowed by the donor (See. Pušenje 2), divided into portions within one NGO (See). It is about monetary values which only partially are referred to in goods or activities (See) and these are grossly over-estimated.



BCS pronunciation of the English acronym IT (See);

Translator’s note: alluding to the BCS colloquial expression HAJ’ TI =YOU GO meaning: you do it, you are the computer expert