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Sexual Violence Against Men in Armed Conflicts

Renata Ćuk (Zagreb, Croatia)Course: Gender, Sexuality and Violent Conflict: Beyond Oppositional Imagination Sexual Violence Against Men in Armed Conflicts Introduction Many people connect war time sexual violence to the images of the raped Bosnian...

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Collective Memory on the Greek Civil War

Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformationLecturer: Orli Fridman Collective Memory of the Greek Civil War: The Case of the Refugee Children Course participant: Irena Avirovic, Skopje, Macedonia As a...

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Ubleha za idiote

Izgradnja međuljudskih odnosa

Eng. Human relation building. One, and very often, the only secure result (See) of an activity (See). Includes a whole string of communication techniques from telling (dirty) jokes, through “ drunken philosophizing” on the injustice in the world to  sexual intercourse in all variations (literary and/or in a figurative sense). It is justified by the fact that there is no peace unless people “normally” intercourse. A kernel of future corruption (See). When thus-established corruption “gets on its feet”, a project (See) is initiated to combat it.

Translator's note: Direct translation of the phrase „Human relations building“ into BSC language.



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Commonly known as SI-VI  (See)(BCS pronunciation of an English word CV; SI-VI alludes to a color: SIVI=GREY= coll. murky, obscure –Translator’s note), something many do not connect with anything realistic. In translation to the colloquial BCS (See): a person’s life-story. Hist. Under the domestic name used at the time of the obnoxious socialist, totalitarian regime (See), notably, along with the request for admission to the Yugoslav Communist Party (KPJ)/ The Communist Union of Yugoslavia (SKJ). – In the contemporary NGO and, to a certain extent, business world: it shows the level of a person's ublehahood. Very often, it is the pattern that is crucial and not only the length. Many people compose their CVs themselves.


Curriculum Vitae

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