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Hierarchy and canonization of memory

Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformationLecturer: Orli Fridman Hierarchy and Canonization of Memory: Adaptation of Historiography to Socio-political Identity Construction Course participant: Jasmina Gavrankapetanović-Redžić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina In...

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Family memories

Kaja HaelbichHamburg, Germany In our course "Understanding Internal Dynamics of Societies in Conflict" we started to engage in the topic of Israel Palestine conflict by talking about memories. We discussed different kinds...

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Ubleha za idiote

Izgradnja međuljudskih odnosa

Eng. Human relation building. One, and very often, the only secure result (See) of an activity (See). Includes a whole string of communication techniques from telling (dirty) jokes, through “ drunken philosophizing” on the injustice in the world to  sexual intercourse in all variations (literary and/or in a figurative sense). It is justified by the fact that there is no peace unless people “normally” intercourse. A kernel of future corruption (See). When thus-established corruption “gets on its feet”, a project (See) is initiated to combat it.

Translator's note: Direct translation of the phrase „Human relations building“ into BSC language.



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Commonly known as SI-VI  (See)(BCS pronunciation of an English word CV; SI-VI alludes to a color: SIVI=GREY= coll. murky, obscure –Translator’s note), something many do not connect with anything realistic. In translation to the colloquial BCS (See): a person’s life-story. Hist. Under the domestic name used at the time of the obnoxious socialist, totalitarian regime (See), notably, along with the request for admission to the Yugoslav Communist Party (KPJ)/ The Communist Union of Yugoslavia (SKJ). – In the contemporary NGO and, to a certain extent, business world: it shows the level of a person's ublehahood. Very often, it is the pattern that is crucial and not only the length. Many people compose their CVs themselves.


Curriculum Vitae

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