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Masculinities and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict…

Sabine Piccard (Pristina, Kosovo)Course: Gender, Sexuality and Violent Conflict Masculinities and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings – Addressing the Gap in Violence Against Men  1. Introduction The concept of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) generally...

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The Role of Justice in Reconciliation in Bosnia…

Maruša Rosulnik Ljubljana, August 2008 Introduction An end of a conflict is a beginning of a new path leading to peace and reconciliation. One of the means employed on the road...

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Ubleha za idiote


It is what makes ubleha (See) appear to be not-so- ubleha.  Spoiled donors particularly insist upon a large number of precisely defined and measurable indicators (See) in an application (See) which reduce ubleha down to an abstract mathematical dimension. To prevent their abstractness being interpreted as an attempted cover-up, the sources and method of their verification (See) are listed.



Engl. Inbox.   A place where the entire I-mejl (See) of ubleha is automatically stored. Most often there are hundreds of messages which the ublehašes read at random and usually do not ringbinder (See).

Translator's note: BSC pronunciation of an English word „inbox“.



A selected NGO (See), whose ubleha was swallowed (See: Pušenje) by the donor (See) with the prospects of swallowing it systematically and long term. For the purpose of justifying the systematic swallowing, the donor hires an expert (See) to perform an evaluation (See). There are local and international ones, while local ones are always the ones on the bottom but happy.



A word that came into fashion in B&H with the war.  In English, to implement means to execute, to perform or to put into, however, the use of local language counterparts is not recommended lest the mystical aura of a project (See) gets lost. The English word implement originates from the Latin verb implere which primarily means TO FULFILL, TO FILL OUT, and even TO IMPREGNATE A WOMAN. Therefore, implementation is about sex or, colloquially, about screwing someone but most of the time it is only virtual, where either there is no intercourse but there are partners in intercourse or there is only a so-called active partner in intercourse while the passive one (technical term “the one on the bottom”; See: beneficiary) does not at all exist or s/he does exist but does not notice that s/he participates in the implementation. Implementation is normally the biggest challenge for ubleha (See) but the best protection from that danger is a report (See) or, even better, a status report (See).