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Which Way to Peace?

Dubravka Kalac Zadar, Croatia >Sometimes, when I walk the streets of my city, late in the evening, when there's only silence present, pictures of  not so distant past strike me, and I...

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Masculinities and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict…

Sabine Piccard (Pristina, Kosovo)Course: Gender, Sexuality and Violent Conflict Masculinities and Gender-Based Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Settings – Addressing the Gap in Violence Against Men  1. Introduction The concept of Gender-Based Violence (GBV) generally...

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Ubleha za idiote

Izgradnja kapaciteta

Eng. Capacity Building. Systematic studying of the language of ubleha (See), with the final aim of becoming a consultant (See) or at least a facilitator (See).

Translator's note: Direct translation of the phrase „Capacity building“ into BSC language.



A person employed in an ubleha’s organization who employees may ask – if s/he is ever available- how to turn on a computer, how to send an I-mejl (See), where is @ on the keyboard, how they are going to remove “that red thing” below the letters, etc.



Engl. An international. Commonly known as a foreigner but that’s not the way it is used in polite speech (See). S/he is a guest in the land of the locals (See) wishing to contribute to the development of democracy (See) and enhance human rights (See). Has read at a minimum one book or at least the more important chapters on the history of B&H or even the entire region of South-East Europe. Has got money. Gladly takes other internationals out to dinners whenever s/he can charge it to the budget of a project (See). S/he likes the locals and considers them to be her/his equal, to be de facto equalized to her/him. And the locals love her/him, too. S/he knows how to say GOOD DAY, THANK YOU and NO PROBLEM in local languages of which s/he is very proud.  A vegetarian, a feminist, a non-smoker and not a racist; s/he points that out very often and is not ashamed of it at all.  Additionally, s/he thinks that war criminals should be brought to justice in Den Haag. In general, a happy character. See: expert.

Translator's note: BSC form of an English word „International“ when taken from English and adjusted gramatically to BSC language.



Everything that makes taking money for the ublehas (See) easier; very often is undeveloped and increases the project costs (See) considerably; also, if it is undeveloped, it is used as a HLRW (See).