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Which Way to Peace?

Dubravka Kalac Zadar, Croatia >Sometimes, when I walk the streets of my city, late in the evening, when there's only silence present, pictures of  not so distant past strike me, and I...

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Before the Rain or Before the War

Daniela Antonovska (Skopje, Macedonia)Course; Gender, sexuality and violent conflict Before the Rain or Before the War  Introduction The films’ script was written by Milcho Manchevski in 1991 after a visit to his birth...

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Ubleha za idiote

Development Agency

The highest ranking Ublehaš of some (wealthy) state. A convenient political apparatus for maintaining stability of the local currency in such a manner that it looks like an act of kindness towards another state (the beneficiary). They tend to finance almost anything that is well-packed into everything that is listed in this guide, with a particular focus on community development (See), democracy (See) and human rights (See).


ACRONYMS (in general)

One of the important criteria based on which the level of ublehahood is instantly determined. According to this criterion, there are the following levels:

The first (highest) level: a person in his/her written communication does not write sentences containing more than 7 words,  where at least 3 words are acronyms. For example: "See. Att. FYI. TBC. Send me your CV ASAP to prepare TOR." In normal language, these two sentences would go something like this: "Attached please find some fudge that is of no benefit to anybody but do keep it so you may show it in case we are  happen to be asked if we considered it.   You may doodle  on it a little and write some comment if you can grab some time.  Most likely, some jerks pulled it out of their asses as it has nothing to do with anything. By no means, if you do happen to read it, take it at face value.  You are still on probation here although half a year has already passed . Write some good CV of yours and backdate it half a year ago and do try to make it compatible to what you have allegedly been doing for us over the past six months. As soon as I get it and find some time, I will rewrite it a bit and name it your job description –just to have it on hand, in case those spooks from above come by. Poselami amidžu (See) and tell him that “ that thing” is OK. " Obviously, the advantages of acronyms are unmistakeable. Time saving, confidentiality of data and transparent professionalism and perfection in technical language usage. Every layman simply has to be fascinated and has to give his/her moral approval for the high salary for the speakers in question.

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A phenomenon typical among the locals (See). The internationals tend to condemn it pointedly and are involved in it only sporadically and inadvertently but always with the best intentions.  Corruption differs from a project (See) in that  it has a functional infrastructure (See) and very tangible results (See) often decorated with so-called concrete (or plaster) accessories in the form of lions, swans, angels, pseudo-Doric-Ionic-Corinthian silver-plated columns, etc.



A higher being, an ublehaš (See) of a higher category, with higher income, who pretends to and looks like s/he knows all this.