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Lessons in Dissent: The Principles of the "Others"…

Marina Vasilj "Nothing is more unworthy of a civilized people than to allow itself to be "governed" by an irresponsible ruling clique motivated by the darkest instincts" (The White Rose leaflet, summer...

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Before the Rain or Before the War

Daniela Antonovska (Skopje, Macedonia)Course; Gender, sexuality and violent conflict Before the Rain or Before the War  Introduction The films’ script was written by Milcho Manchevski in 1991 after a visit to his birth...

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Engl. "As soon as possible". Verbatim, as a technical term, reflects the paradigmatic project situation: all planned deadlines have been exceeded. "Do not mention any dates lest it be discovered where it got stuck or who is responsible! We all try to speed things up and always have. There’s a fire lit under me but do not panic lest it would get even worse!“  This, to a large degree, also intends to transpose the responsibility to the person asked to do something ASAP because it implies that the sender of the message is more expedient and better organized than the recipient. (See: ACRONYMS in general).