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Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformation Lecturer: Orli Friedman ReCom – Memory on the war in ex-Yugoslavia or Memory of fears Course participant: Sakibe Jashari, Kosovo IntroductionInitiative on establishing...

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Hierarchy and canonization of memory

Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformationLecturer: Orli Fridman Hierarchy and Canonization of Memory: Adaptation of Historiography to Socio-political Identity Construction Course participant: Jasmina Gavrankapetanović-Redžić, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina In...

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Very often, the only true product of an NGO activity.  A very detailed description of everything that was not done in the project (See) so that it looks like it was done perfectly. It obligatorily includes the financial aspect where all the money spent is justified as if it was spent for perfect results (See).  It is important to list all possible indicators (See) of success: it is compulsory to name some benign problem (for example, the obstruction of the local nationalists, natural disasters, weird local customs, unrealistic requests and exaggerated expectations of the beneficiaries (See) or participants (See), etc.) in order to enhance the authenticity of the report. Any problem is justified by force majeure   and may even serve well to justify the exceeding of the budget.