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Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformation Lecturer: Orli Friedman ReCom – Memory on the war in ex-Yugoslavia or Memory of fears Course participant: Sakibe Jashari, Kosovo IntroductionInitiative on establishing...

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What is the Truth? Thoughts on the…

[1] Martina Topic[2] Introduction What is the Truth? Normally, people do not ask too many questions about this because there is always something perceived as a generally or personally accepted truth. For example, the...

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Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy 2013

Dear friends of the Peace Academy,

We are hereby announcing that this year's Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy will be held in the beginning of autumn and will have a different format. Due to financial reasons, we were obliged to shorten this year's summer school to three working days and to plan it at a different time.

We will inform you about the dates, courses and means of applying to this year's Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy as soon as possible through our web page, newsletter and Facebook page. We wish you an enjoyable summer.

Greetings from the PAF team!