News By FMA Update November 2011


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Which Way to Peace?

Dubravka Kalac Zadar, Croatia >Sometimes, when I walk the streets of my city, late in the evening, when there's only silence present, pictures of  not so distant past strike me, and I...

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Peace Academy Reflection

Tory Tevis I would like to begin my reflection on the Sarajevo Peace Academy by first stating how difficult it was to settle on a topic to write about.  All the...

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Update November 2011

thmbThe board of the Peace Academy Foundation has been working on a strategic plan for the 2012-2014 period.  We thank our supporters and participants who completed a survey about their interest in future courses and ways that they have used the knowledge and experience gained in the Peace Academies from 2008-2011.  

We are happy to announce that one of the courses for 2012 will be "Strategic Peacebuilding" led by Dr. Jayne Docherty of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding in Virginia, USA, for which you have showed the greatest interest within the survey. We are going to announce the other two courses soon, while the Call for Applications for the 5th Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy will be published by the end of February, 2012. 

Please stay tuned for more details.