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Lessons in Dissent: The Principles of the "Others"…

Marina Vasilj "Nothing is more unworthy of a civilized people than to allow itself to be "governed" by an irresponsible ruling clique motivated by the darkest instincts" (The White Rose leaflet, summer...

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The Role of Justice in Reconciliation in Bosnia…

Maruša Rosulnik Ljubljana, August 2008 Introduction An end of a conflict is a beginning of a new path leading to peace and reconciliation. One of the means employed on the road...

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Snjezana Milivojevic

Snjezana Milivojevic

Snjezana Milivojevic

Snježana Milivojević

Snježana Milivojević is professor of Public Opinion and Media Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. She also chairs the Center for Media Research and is an Academic Board member at the Center for Women’s Studies.  Her main academic interest is in political communication, media policy and regulation, cultural studies, media and diversity and media and public memory.  She was fired from the University because of political reasons pending the repressive University law (1999), and has continued her University career only after democratic changes occured in the country (2003).

Snjezana Milivojevic was a Chevning Scholar and Senior Associate Member at St. Antony’s College, Oxford University (2001) and visiting lecturer for several European and American universities, such as University of Massachusetts, University of Georgia, Westminster University, UCL, Sussex University, LSE University of Milan, and University in Sofia etc.  She has  co-authored the first media and election study in Serbia Televised Elections (1993), contributed to Serbian Road to War (1996), Media Monitoring Manual (2003), and Television across Europe- Serbia (2005) and participated in numerous international research projects in the broad area of media studies.


  • 2000 Doctorate in Sociology, University of Montenegro, Faculty of Philosophy 
  • 1986 M.A. in Politics and Development Strategies, Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, The Netherlands  
  • 1979 B.A. in Journalism, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade


  • 2003 - Professor of Public Opinion and Media Studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 2006 - Head of Research,  Media Center of the  Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade 
  • 1999 - Academic Board Member, Women's Studies Center, Belgrade


Profession at the crossroads: journalism at the threshold of the information Society,
Regional Research Project Program Western Balkans, Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, research leader, available at:

Structural and Professional Changes of the Mass Media  in Serbia 2006-2010, project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Serbia (project code 149063)

Politics of gender equality: Education as an indicator of gender equality in Serbia 2008-10, project financed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of Serbia (project code 159011)

East of West: Setting a New Central and Eastern European Media Research Agenda,  COST A 30 Action 2005-2009, European Science Foundation, Management Committee Member


Previous employment

  • 2002- 2003    Research Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences, University of Belgrade
  • 1983-1999    Assistant Professor, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade 
  • 1980-1982    Political Correspondent, Daily "Politika Ekspres ", Beograd


  • University of Belgrade    Public Opinion (Undergraduate) 
  • Media Analysis, Public Sphere and the Media, Media and Diversity (Graduate)

Academic projects

  • 2006-2007    Coordinator, Strengthening Political Reporting in the Serbian Media, OSCE Mission in Beograd and FPS joint project.
  • 2004-2007    Co-director, Curriculum Development Project, Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Beograd and Grady College of Journalism, University of Georgia, USA, project funded  by the  USA Department of State. 
  • 2005 – 2008    External Consultant, Media Monitoring  under the auspices of the New Perspectives for Women Project, Centrul Independent de Journalism and USAID,  Moldova
  • 2004 – 2006    External Consultant, Reflecting Diversity in  Mass Media Project, Centrul Independent de Journalism and DIFID, Moldova
  • 2004    External Academic Expert, Academic Development Program for the University of Podgorica, OSCE Office in Montenegro
  • 2004  Publications Translation Consultant, Next Page Foundation, Bulgaria

Visiting scholarship

  • January/February,  September 2005     Visiting Scholar, Grady College of Journalism, University of Georgia, USA
  • January/September 2001    Chevening Scholar, Senior Associate Member, St. Antony’s College, Oxford University
  • January/September 2001    Visiting Scholar, PCLPM Wolfson College, Oxford University
  • July/August 1994    Visiting Scholar, University of Westminster  
  • Fall semester 1989    Visiting Professor, University of Massachusetts, USA; Course: Communication Systems in Eastern Europe
  • Invited lectures/seminars, University College of London, London School of Economics and Politics, Sussex University, University of Sofia, Salzburg Seminar (Austria), De Balie (The Netherlands), 21st Century Trust (UK), Wilton Park (UK), UNESCO

Visiting lecturing

  • 2006   Professor, MA in Communication Studies, Institute for Socio-Legal Studies, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Republic of  Macedonia
  • July 2007    Professor,  Political Communication and Electoral Behavior, International Doctoral Summer School,  University of Milan, Italy
  • 2004/05 - 2006/07    Specialist Studies Coordinator, Cultural and Gender Studies, FPS and Women’s Studies Center University of Belgrade
  • May 2005    Lecturer, Feminist Critical Analysis: Be/longing and Citizenship, Postgraduate Course, Inter-University Center Dubrovnik, Croatia
  • 2003    Visiting Professor, Graduate Media Studies, University of Sofia and Frankfurt University, Bulgaria
  • 2000    Lecturer, Summer School ‘Media and War’, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 1998-2002    Professor, Alternative Academic Network in Serbia, established by independent intellectuals and NGOs to oppose political misuse of the University during authoritarian regime
  • Ongoing    Lecturer for various NGO or professional training programs/schools of journalism:  BBC, IREX, OSCE, ANEM, NUNS, Media Center, CESID etc.
  • 2004-    Editorial Board Member, Genero, Journal for Feminist Theory
  • 1986-1998    Corresponding Editor, European Journal of Communication



  • 2003 (in English) Media Monitoring Manual, London/ Beograd: Media Diversity Institute & Samizdat, ISBN 86- 7963-170-1 
  • 1993 (in Serbian) Televised Elections (Ekranizacija izbora) co-author (with J.Matić), Vreme knjige, Beograd, ISBN 86-7979-012-5
Special Issues, Guest Editor
  • 2004 (in Serbian) Women and the Media, Genero, Special issue, editor, Center for Women’s Studies, Beograd
  • 1993 (in Serbian) Manipulation and the Public: Sociology of News, guest co-editor, Gledista 1-6, Theme Issue
Book Chapters (in English)
  • 2005    Television across Europe - regulation, policy and independence, Report for Serbia, EUMAP in Network Media Programme Budapest, pp. 1315-1385. ISBN:1-891385-47-X
  • 2001    Media Repression and Politics of Isolation, in Media and Politics, Peter Bajomi-Lazar and Istvan Hegedus, Budapest: Uj Mandatum Konyvkiado, 
  • 1996 (also published in French) Nationalization of Everyday Life, in The Road to War in Serbia, N. Popov (ed.), Budapest: CEU Press. 
  • 1998    Die Nationalisierung des taglichen Lebens, Serbiens Weg in der Krieg, Thomas Bremer, Nebojsa Popov & Heinz- Gunther Stobbe, Berlin Verlag Berlin, pp. 339-355
Book Chapters (in Serbian)   
  • 2008    Information Society and Media Culture, in Godišnjak FPN, Fakultet političkih nauka Beograd, str.261-270
  • 2008    Media monitoring, co-author, in Predsednički izbori 2008: Okolnosti i rezultati, S. Mihajlović (ur), Službeni glasnik i CESID Beograd, str.143-163
  • 2008    Scandals, State Marketing and Political Promotion, co-author in Oko izbora (Parlamentarni izbori u Republici Srbiji 11. maja 2008. godine), CESID Beograd
  • 2007    Security issues and the Public, in „Reform of the Security sector in Serbia- achievements and perspectives, M.Hadic (ed.), Beograd: Centar za civilno-vojne odnose, str. 165-171
  • 2006    Television in Transition: from state control to wild market, in Five years of transition in Serbia II, ed. S.Mihajlović, Beograd: FES, pp. 272-286
  • 2005    Why Diversity Matters? in Reader, Beograd: Labris, pp. 157-163
  • 1999    “We love you, our fatherland…” in Absent Parties, Beograd: CESID
  • 1993    Propaganda, in Encyclopedia of Political Culture, Beograd: Savremena Administracija
  • 1996    Nationaliyation of Evriday Life (Nacionalizacija svakodnevnog života), in Srpska strana rata, Nebojša Popov (ur.), Republika Beograd
Journal Articles (in Serbian)
Professional Journal Articles
  • 2009 Medijska strategija za digitano doba, Monitoring medijske scene u Srbiji, Anem publikacija II,  ANEM: Beogad,  2009. str. 12-18.
  • Media strategy for a Digital Era,Legal Monitoring of Serbian media Scene, Anem publcation II, ANEM: Beogad,  2009. str. 34-40. 
  • 2008 Presidential Elections 2008, (Predsednički izbori 2008), Dosije o medijima, br.23, avgust 2007.-mart 2008. časopis  Nezavisnog udruženja novinara Srbije, str. 20-22 
  • 2006 The Broadcasting Law: Amended before Applied (Zakon o radiodifuziji: Promene pre primene) Republika br. 388-389, str.6-7. UDK 008 (497.11) ISSN 03547973 
  • 2006 Public Service Challenged Anew (Javni servis na novim mukama),  Dosije o medijima br.19, mart 2006-juni 2006, časopis  Nezavisnog udruženja novinara Srbije, str.27-28 
  • 2006 Women in the News: Lipstick Imperialism (Žene u vestima: Karmin imperijalizam), Evropski forum, mesečnik za evropske integracije, br.7, str.12 
  • 2004 Political and Commercial Motives (Politički a ne komercijalni motivi), Dosije o medijima br. 14, juni-decembar 2004, časopis Nezavisnog udruženja novinara Srbije, str.20-22. 
  • 2004 Risky Activity (Rizična delatnost), Dosije o medijima br.13, januar-jun 2004, časopis Nezavisnog  udruženja novinara Srbije, str.22-23 
  • 2004 Research : Women and the Media (Istraživanja: Žene i mediji), Pop kult br.7, 2004., str.6-7 
  • 2002 Television and Elections in Serbia 1990-2000  mini series, (Televizija i izbori u Srbiji 1990-2000) , mini feljton, Danas, 24, 25 i 26 sept. 2002. god. 
  • 2002 (in English) Trapped in the Past, Transitions On-Line, Balkan Reconstruction Report, Special  Packages, 31. January 2002 .available at:, Accessed December 2002 
  • 2001 Silence does not deny the Past (Tišina ne poništava prošlost), Beograd : Dosije br.11, časopis Nezavisnog  udruženja novinara Srbije
  • 2002 (in Slovenian) Ćutanje ne briše prošlost, Medijska preža, br.13, Ljubljana 
  • 2000 (in Slovenian) Najprljavija izborna kampanja, Medijska preža br. 9, Ljubljana
  • 2000 (in Slovenian) Režimske televizije u Srbiji, Medijska preža br. 8, Ljubljana 
  • 1999 (in Slovenian) Partije i mediji, Medijska preža br. 6, Ljubljana


  • 2003  Reconstructing democratic Public in Serbia, in Stagnation of democratic reforms in Serbia, round table debates, Beograd: AAEN 
  • 2002 (in English) Reforming Broadcasting in Countries of Transition - Serbia,’ European Institute for the Media, 
  • 2000 (in English) Guide Through Electoral Controversies in Serbia, Beograd: CESID, group of authors
  • 1999 (in English) Model of the Election Law in Serbia, Beograd: CESID, expert team member, civic initiative for election reform in Serbia
  • Also published in Freedom of the Press and Public Information Act, YUCOM and ABA/CEELI, Beograd: 1998
  • 1997  Media, Transition and Democracy, expert proposal for media system restructuring in Serbia, Beograd: Radio B92, coordinator


  • 2007  Communication Theories, (Komunikaciski teoriii), Institute for Socio-Legal Studies, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia
  • 2004, renewed 2005, 2007    Public Opinion, Fakultet političkih nauka, Beograd 
  • 2002, renewed 2004    Public Sphere, Media and Responsibillity
  • 1999/2000, renewed 2003    Representation of Women in the Media, Centar za ženske studije, Beograd
  • 2000  Politics, Public Life and the Media, AAOM


  • 2009 Children in the Media Mirror( Deca u medijskom ogledalu) Representations of children in the mainstream media in Serbia,  UNICEF and  Media Center FPN, 2008 Media and Presidential Elections in Serbia 2008, project leader, Media Center and Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia 2008 Media and Parliamentary Elections in Serbia 2008, project leader, Media Center and Independent Association of Journalists of Serbia 
  • 2003/2005 Television across Europe - regulation, policy and independence, EUMAP i Network Media Programe, Research team member and Reporter for Serbia, , Accessed 15.December 2008 
  • 2004 Gay and Lesbian population in the Daily Press, project leader, Labris, 2004  Tabloidization of the Daily Press in Serbia, project leader, IREX
  • 2003  Local Media in Serbia, co-author, Civic Initiatives and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung
  • 2001/2002  Ethnic minorities in the mainstream South East European Press, project leader, Media Diversity Institute, London
  • 2001/2003  Women and the Media: Stereotypes about Women in Public Communication, project leader, Women’s Studies Center, Beograd
  • 2000 Attribution of Guilt, Media coverage of Albanians, Serbs and –international actors during NATO military intervention, project leader, Radio B292 and Westminster Foundation for Democracy
  • 1997 TV Election Campaign ’97, the European Institute of the Media, co-author
  • 1993/1995 Trauma and Catharsis in Historical Memory, research team member, Republika and Heinrich Bell
  • 1992-93 TV Coverage of the '92 Election Campaign in Serbia, co-author, Commission of the European Communities
  • 1993 TV Coverage of the '93 Election Participants in Serbia, project leader, Civic Alliance in Serbia
  • 1992 Environmental reconstruction of Central and Eastern Europe, Serbia, co-author, Global 2000, Vienna

International conferences

  • Belgrade, 27-29 November 2008 State and Democracy, International Conference, Fakultet političkih nauka, paper: Media in Transition: growing industry and Passive States. Available at : Belgrade 8-9 September 2008 European regulatory framework: Freedom of Speech on the Internet, PCLMP Oxford University and Belgrade University, From Television without Frontiers Directive to Audiovisual media Services Directive, speaker 
  • Potsdam 5 September 2008 M100 Sanssouci Colloquium, East-West Media Bridge 2008, Institute for Strategic Studies (London), participant 
  • Trondheim 30-31. May 2008 Civic and non-civic values in Serbia: the post-Miloševic era, Center for the Study of the Civil War - International Peace Research Institute Oslo  and Norwegian University of the Science & Technology (NTNU); paper: Transformation of broadcasting as an element in the Serbian transition to democracy 
  • Belgrade 15-16 March 2007 Media Ownership and Concentration, key note speaker, Council of Europe and Ministry of Culture in Serbia 
  • Sarajevo, 2 - 3 November 2007 Media Freedom and Independence: Between Clientelism, Ownership and Commercialization, introductory speaker for the session on  Tabloidization, South East European Network for Professionalization of Media, regional conference, 
  • Belgrade, 2006 Balkan Media in the European Mirror, speaker, International Seminar Transitional Justice and the Media, CKZD 
  • Budapest, 2006 Challenges to Public Service Broadcasting, speaker, Television across Europe, OSI and EUMAP, Central European University 
  • Budapest, 2006 Media, Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts, speaker/session Chair, Regional ICA pre-conference, Influencing Outcomes: Communication Regulation and Global and Regional Policy Transformations 
  • Tirana, 2006 Media Legislation and EU Integration, speaker, Central European Initiative Forum of Journalists 
  • Belgrade 2006 Media and Political Parties - European Experiences, speaker, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung 
  • Beograd 2004 Media Policy in the Southeastern Transformation Processes, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, consultant/panelist 
  • Bled 2004 Concentration of Media Ownership and its Impact on Media Freedom and Pluralism, OSCE and SEENMP, concluding reporter 
  • Belgrade 2004 Media in Post-Conflict and Transition Societies, UNESCO and OSCE, key note speaker 
  • Cambridge, UK 2003 History, Policy and Identity, 21st Century Trust and British Council, , speaker 
  • Pecs, Hungary,2002 Role of the Media in the Process of Regional and Cross-Boarder Cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe, Keynote speaker 
  • Bologna, Italy, 2002 Nationalism, Identity and Regional Cooperation: Compatibilities and Incompatibilities, University of Bologna, Italy, panelist 
  • Opatija, Croatia, 2002 Journalism In South East Europe, CWPNM, keynote speaker 
  • Minsk, Belarus,2002 Reforming Broadcasting in Countries of Transition, BAJ and EuropeanInstitute for the Media, keynote speaker 
  • Belgrade 2001 Managing the Transition, Wilton Park Conference, speaker 
  • Belgrade 2000 Broadcasting for Democratic Europe, Council of Europe and ANEM, keynote speaker 
  • Lille, France, 2000 Former Yugoslavia: Independence of news and role of the international Community, Reporters sans frontières, l’Ecole Supérieure de Journalism de Lille, France, speaker 
  • Salzburg, Austria 2000 Media in the Age of Globalization, Salzburg Seminar, Austria
  • Budapest,  Hungary, 2000 Images of Europe in the Media, European House, Budapest, Hungary, panelist 
  • Ulcinj, Yugoslavia 2000    Truth, Responsibility and Reconciliation, Radio B292,  OSCE and Heinrich Bell,  speaker 
  • Oxford, UK 1999    Media Power and Responsibility, 21st Century Trust, speaker 
  • Vienna, Austria,1999 Media, Education and Civil Society, International Workshop, country reporter 
  • Belgrade, Yugoslavia 1998 Public Sphere and Personal Responsibility, Regional Workshop, program coordinator 
  • Strasbourg,1997    Neighbors and Future in South Eastern Europe, Annual Conference of TRANSEUROPEENNES 
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands, 1997 Communication toward Open Societies, Discussion group: Communication, Politics and the Electorate 
  • Athens 1995 Mass Media towards an Information Society Symposium, speaker 
  • London, UK, 1994 The First European Film and Television Studies Conference, panelist 
  • Temisoara, Romania, 1994 EC Seminar on Small Press in the Balkans, speaker