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What is the Truth? Thoughts on the…

[1] Martina Topic[2] Introduction What is the Truth? Normally, people do not ask too many questions about this because there is always something perceived as a generally or personally accepted truth. For example, the...

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Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformation Lecturer: Orli Friedman ReCom – Memory on the war in ex-Yugoslavia or Memory of fears Course participant: Sakibe Jashari, Kosovo IntroductionInitiative on establishing...

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Tonci Kuzmanic

Tonci KuzmanovicTonci Kuzmanic is Founding member of the Peace Institute in Ljubljana. He is professor at the University of Primorska (Koper) teaching political science, sociology, and ethics in management. During the last few years he has been mainly researching in the field of critique of management in the post-socialist circumstances and globalisation. For more than decade he was a peace activist and researcher in the field of peace, mainly targeting war in Yugoslavia, violence, hate-speech, racism and politics (anti-politics). His most recent books from this field were Hate-speech in Slovenia (2002), "Media, politics" (Peace institute, 2005).  His recent articles approach war in Iraq and Afganistan. His published other books and articles in recent years, including "Managerial discourse" (Koper, FM, 2007), "Critique of P. F. Drucker and managerial paradigm" (MI, 2008) and "Management and politics" (in Biloslavo, FM, KP, 2008). A study of his research team, dedicated to the "Critique of managerial revolution" will shortly appear in Casopis za kritiko znanosti. Kuzmanic is also a lecturer at the post-graduate study Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis in Ljubljana, founder of Workers-Punk University (Ljubljana) and To Lykeinon (Koper), where he is teaching a course "Karl Marx and understanding of our time." He is leading three additional research and reading circles,  "Understanding of Martin Heidegger", "Reading Aristotle" and "Analysis of USA and managerial revolution" and is currently preparing a book about capitalism, post-capitalism and managerial revolution.


  • BA, with highest distinction, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Science and Journalism, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1982.
  • MA, Department of Political Science, Faculty of Social and Political Science and Journalism, University of Ljubljana, 1992.
  • Ph.D. Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Sociology, University of Ljubljana, 1995.


  • Researcher at the Center for Theory and Practice of Self-management, Ljubljana, 1983-1986 
  • Senior Research Fellow, Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana from 1989-1995.
  • Senior Research Fellow, Peace Institute, Ljubljana (Research projects: Political Extremism in Europe, 1993-1996; Theoretical Consequences of the War in Bosnia 1996-1999).Lecturer: Reading Carl Schmitt's Concept of the Political, Faculty of Social Science, University of Ljubljana, school year 1995-1996;
  • 1997-1998, Theories of Violence in XX century, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana 1997/1998; Ethics and Culture, College of Management, Koper, 1996/1997, 1997/1998


  • Jean Monet Fellowship, European Community Program, Florence, Istituto Universitario Europeo, Fiesole, Firenze, Italia, 1992.
  • Ruskin Fellowship, Ruskin College, Oxford, Great Britain, 1994.
  • Borsa di studio di Facolta di Sociologia, Universita di Trento, Italy, 1996


  • Governing Board and a Founding Member, Peace Institute, Ljubljana, 1991 until the present.
  • Member of Editorial Board, Journal for Critique of Science, Ljubljana, 1986 until 1992.
  • Professional editor of Journal for Critique of Science, Ljubljana, 1986 until 1989.


  • Consultant Member of Parliamentary Commission for Peace Politics, Slovenian Parliament, 1991-1993.
  • Member of the Alternative Council for Protection of Human Rights, Ljubljana 1988-1990.
  • Member of the Slovene National Council for the Protection of Human Rights 1991-1994
  • Activity in the Slovene peace and civil society movement, 1985-1990.
  • Freelance journalist - columnist from 1983 until the present. Regular contributor to Mladina weekly, contributor to Ost-West 
  • Gegeninformationen Graz, War-Report and Red Pepper, London, Media Watch (OSI), Ljubljana...
  • Lecturer at different international new-social movements, civil society and peace movement conferences, organized by Austrian Institute for Peace and Conflict Research, Schlaining, War Resisters International, London, ACLI, Milano, Firenze, Venezia, EUPRA and IPRA associations, POPEM, La Valetta...


Kuzmanic's research field is political theory, specially history of political ideas, comparative studies and conflicts. My major research interest in the past lay in the field of conflicts and politics - especially strikes, war(s) and new social and specially antipolitical, extremists movements.


Native: Croatian
Fluent: English, Italian and Slovene



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  • Kuzmanic, Tonci (1997): Creation of Antipolitics, The Elements of Genealogy of Social Sciences, ZPS, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
  • Kuzmanic, Tonci (1999): Hate Speech in Postsocialist Slovenia - Chauvinism, Racism and Sexism, Slovene-English edition by Open Society Institute, Slovenia (bilingual: slovene & english).


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