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Sexual Violence Against Men in Armed Conflicts

Renata Ćuk (Zagreb, Croatia)Course: Gender, Sexuality and Violent Conflict: Beyond Oppositional Imagination Sexual Violence Against Men in Armed Conflicts Introduction Many people connect war time sexual violence to the images of the raped Bosnian...

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Family memories

Kaja HaelbichHamburg, Germany In our course "Understanding Internal Dynamics of Societies in Conflict" we started to engage in the topic of Israel Palestine conflict by talking about memories. We discussed different kinds...

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Center for Nonviolent Action
Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Sarajevo
Nansen Dialogue Center, Sarajevo
TERCA, Mostar/Sarajevo

invite you to apply to the

Sarajevo, July 26 – August 4, 2009

It's our pleasure to inform you that we are organizing the 2nd Post-Yugoslavian Peace Academy for persons from across the former Yugoslavia who are active in the fields of peacebuilding, dealing with the past, human rights' protection. This event is tailored for activists, students, researchers, theoreticians, journalists and all others whose focus is peace work.

Our basic intention is to contribute to the advancement of peacebuilding practices and theory in the former Yugoslavian region and offer those who deal with peacebuilding the opportunity to:

  • critically evaluate and reflect on practices and models applied to date in the peacebuilding field regarding the region of former Yugoslavia and beyond;
  • become introduced to new theories and practices of peacebuilding from different parts of the world.

After the last year's academy (which consisted of three simultaneous courses organized during a single session) and its remarkable experience, this year's Post-Yugoslavian Peace Academy offers two consecutive sessions, each consisting of three simultaneous courses (held at the same time and at the same location) to the interested activists and researchers:<

July 26 – August 4, 2009

1.    Memory: Remembering and Forgetting
Stef Jansen, University of Manchester, and Alenka Bartulovic, University of Ljubljana
Working language: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.
For more details on the course and lecturers click here.

2.    Activism Reloaded
Goran Bozicevic, Miramida centar, Groznjan, and Paul Stubbs, Ekonomski institut (Institute of Economics), Zagreb
Working language: Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian.
For more details on the course and lecturers click here.

3.    Understanding Internal dynamics of Societies in Conflict: Collective Memories and Collective States of Denial: the Case of the Israeli – Palestine Conflict
Orli Fridman, Institute for Comparative Conflict Studies (IFCCS) & SIT Study Abroad (Balkans)
Working language: English.
For more details on the course and lecturer click here.

Each participant attends a single course.

Participation Prerequisites:
-    Experience in peacebuilding work in any of the abovementioned fields
-    Willingness to attend the selected course during its whole, eight-day, duration (late arrivals and early departures will not be tolerated)
-    Willingness to fulfill all obligations related to the course (reading the recommended literature, writing a final essay)
-    Fluency in English (prerequisite for 3rd course)

Work Methodology:
The courses combine lectures (to a lesser degree) and interactive work method (extensively) through group discussions, small group activities, analysis of video and written material. This type of methods assumes the participants’ active involvement and contribution in creating a good work dynamic.

The total duration of each of the courses is eight days – seven work days and one free day in the middle of a course. Each day is divided into two blocks – morning and afternoon, with a break for lunch and rest between them.
All participants are to receive the selected course’s written material a few weeks ahead.

Logistical and Technical Information

If you wish to partake, please fill out the attached application and send it to us by June 2, 2009 at the very latest.
E-mail it to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
or fax it to: +387 33 61 87 48
Up to twenty applicants will be selected per course. You are be notified of the selection results by June 10, 2009, at the very latest. We kindly ask that you fill out the attached questionnaire as detailed as possible as it is the basis for the selection process.

The participants’ accommodation and the courses’ activity rooms are in the Franciscan Student Dormitory complex (Franjevacki studentski dom) which is located in the Sarajevo’s neighborhood of Grbavica, about 15 minutes’ walk to downtown.
The newly built complex meets all of the Peace Academy’s needs. The accommodation is organized in two-bedroom dorms.

Total cost of participation in the 2009 Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy is 700 €.   All food and accommodation expenses, as well as lecturers’ honoraria are to be covered by the organizers. The participants are responsible for covering their traveling expenses along with the Peace Academy’s obligatory participation fee of 50 € per course. Tthis sum should be paid in full by selected participants before the Peace Academy’s starting date. The money raised in this manner is to be used for the necessary material and to cover the Peace Academy’s organizational and operational costs.

If you or your organization can contribute to the Peace Academy’s sustainability by paying a larger participation fee (150, 250 or 350 €), please note that in your application. Any additional financial assistance would be very appreciated, since our funds are very limited this year.

The Peace Academy is supported financially by a grant by Mennonite Central Committee.

For all additional information regarding the Peace Academy please visit our website at or contact us directly:

Tamara Smidling and Sanja Deankovic
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Phone/fax: +387 33 61 87 48


+387 61 48 24 64 (Sanja)
+387 33 61 87 48


Envera Šehovi?a br. 17
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina