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Before the Rain or Before the War

Daniela Antonovska (Skopje, Macedonia)Course; Gender, sexuality and violent conflict Before the Rain or Before the War  Introduction The films’ script was written by Milcho Manchevski in 1991 after a visit to his birth...

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Lessons in Dissent: The Principles of the "Others"…

Marina Vasilj "Nothing is more unworthy of a civilized people than to allow itself to be "governed" by an irresponsible ruling clique motivated by the darkest instincts" (The White Rose leaflet, summer...

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Strategic Goals

Strategic priorities for the period 2012-2014

Our strategic goal is to provide infrastructure  for continuous synergetic development of a culture of peace in the region. We achieve our goal by implementing activities in two key areas: 
  • Improved strategic and transformative - both theoretical and practical - work in the field of peacebuilding 
  • Resource center for practical and theoretical work in the filed of peacebuilding 
Our immediate objective is to improve the work of peacebuilders in terms of being knowledge-based, more effective, visible and synergetic. We achieve this through the implementation of activities within the two above mentioned key areas which include:
  • Post-Yugoslav Peace Academy - PYPA (a 10-day intensive summer school organized since 2008 each year in Sarajevo where eminent professors and experts in peacebuilding and related fields hold three parallel courses);
  • Follow-up on PYPA participants' activities in their communities in order to to obtain information about their application of skills and knowledge acquired during PYPA in their everyday work and to support them in further peacebuilding activities;
  • Activities which aim to develop additional resources to support peacebuilding practitioners in their daily work such as promotion of the importance of peace education, providing access to an on-line library which contains collected open-source texts about peacebuilding, translation and publishing of peacebuilding literature in local languages, and research projects.