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What is the Truth? Thoughts on the…

[1] Martina Topic[2] Introduction What is the Truth? Normally, people do not ask too many questions about this because there is always something perceived as a generally or personally accepted truth. For example, the...

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Course: Memory and its role in conflict and conflict transformation Lecturer: Orli Friedman ReCom – Memory on the war in ex-Yugoslavia or Memory of fears Course participant: Sakibe Jashari, Kosovo IntroductionInitiative on establishing...

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2013 Financial Statement


  Donations     5.195,21
  Grants Mennonite Central Committee 39.394,56  
    Norwegian Embassy 12.999,82  
    Open Society Institute 6.553,40  
    TOTAL   58.947,78
  ALL INCOME   64.142,99


    Bank Service Charge 515,13  
    Communication costs 708,60  
    Office rent 5.020,00  
    Office supplies 2.672,65  
    Utilities 1.091,95  
    TOTAL   10.008,33
  Design and DTP   1.064,88
  Human Resources *    
    Office Coordinator 20.488,09  
    Policy Paper Authors 7.999,96  
    Program Coordinator 19.316,50  
    Project Coordinator 1.700,63  
    Translations 1.210,00  
    Volunteer 3.615,98  
    TOTAL   54.331,16
  Meetings     650,85
  Online Services   145,93
  Postage and Delivery   167,47
  Printing and Reproduction   744,08
  Accounting fees   481,90
  Travel     437,70
  TOTAL EXPENSES   68.032,30

* Human resource amounts include taxes and contributions

Amounts are in BAM

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