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Ljutajući pešak centralno-istočne Evrope

Autor: Oskar Roginer, Srbija Kurs: Politika, moć i nejednakosti Na početku leta, na jednom pozorišnom festivalu centralno-istočne Evrope, postavljena je bista od domaćeg sapuna nekadašnjeg maršala SFRJ, Josipa Broza. Interaktivna instalacija se bazira...


Boxing Bosnia

Melina SadikovićDa li je u životu sve saopćivo ili ljude spaja samo muk?Tin UjevićGodina 2010 je izborna godina. Tako je Bosna i Hercegovina, u septembru 2010. godine, mjesto gdje bi...




Snjezana Kordic

Snjezana Kordic

Snjezana Kordic

Snježana Kordić

Snježana Kordić is a linguist whose research interests include language politics, social lingistics, ideology of language purity, history and the birth of nations.  Besides these topics, she has researched numerous grammatical themes.  She received her doctorate in Zagreb, Croatia and has lived in Germany where for fifteen years she taught at universities in Bochum, Munster, Berlin and Frankfurt. She has participated in numerous symposiums, conferences, and congresses around the world.  In 2001 she argued for the survival foundational scientific principles in linguistics in Croatia by starting a discussion with Croatian Language purists in a Zagreb Journal called Republika in order to point out the many contradictions present in Croatian Language Purism.  In 2003 the discussion was moved into a newly formed Zagreb journal called Književna Republika and has lasted nine years.  The over 500 pages of writing from those marathon discussions were preparation for her newest book Language and Nationalism (Jezik i nacionalizam).  In Zagreb she has previously publish two books about linguistic themes which enjoyed positive reviews around the world, and as such were translated into German and distributed in Germany. Internationally she has publish grammar and textbooks for English and German speaking readers.  All the books she has published internationally have experience multiple rounds of publishing.  In addition she has published over 150 other (social)linguistic works in various, often international, philological journals and anthologies.  

Publications: List of works in Croatian Scientific Bibliography (all articles can be read as pdf here)


  • Bachelors 1988 in Osijek, Croatia

  • Masters 1992 in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Doctorate 1993 in Zagreb, Croatia

  • Resident Professor 2002 in Munster, Germany 

Teaching Positions:

  • 1990-1991 Philosophy Faculty Osijek, Croatia

  • 1991-1995 Philosophy Faculty Zagreb, Croatia

  • 1993-1995 Ruhr-University Bochum

  • 1993-1998 Westfälische Wilhelms-University Munster

  • 2004-2005 Humbold-University Berlin

  • 2005-2007 Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt